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Nomadic Spirit

Ever since you had the capacity to understand that boundaries are man-made, you knew there were meant to be crossed. Not in a rebellious or escaping manner, but in a primal and pure sense… something inside you was telling you to follow the compass in your soul: the alluring unknown was beckoning, and it felt grandiose. On every occasion, on each voyage, the truth of your essence became clearer:

you realized that you couldn’t have enough of the world, and that there were many lives to live it with.

At different moments in your life, you’ve called different places “home”…but you belong to the road. When the ink of your footprint starts writing the sentence of a new chapter, your spirit soars, as it blows with the wind. In a inherent and mystical way, it’s as the pages turn that you feel the most alive and you can’t help but wonder, while enjoying another breath-taking view… “Where will I be going next?”