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Chamaleonic Body

You look a little like where you’ve been, but more like where you are right now… and somehow, with a glow of where you’ll be tomorrow. You mimetize with your actual surroundings: fulfilling a childhood dream, playing the part in a fantasy, adopting a foreign custom, trying an exotic dish, learning a new language… living the now at its fullest, but taking with you what you’ve learned and knowing that before your next step, you’ll blend with another scenery.

Your kind of lavishness is the one designed by nature and how man-made experiences celebrate it… not abuse it. For you, luxury is simple… a matter of good taste and comfort that can vary depending on the setting, but never in the consistency of its quality. For you, well-thought simplicity is much more valuable than hollow opulence. You don’t care about following, but discovering. You don’t care about flashiness, you care about substance.

The only constant is change, but the destinations have always something in common… you.