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Your nomadic spirit has taken you to exciting, exotic destinations… ranging from urban havens to natural edens. The seals on your passport reflect a different piece of your story, a different part of your know-how and vision. Each city, jungle, forest and beach has been an eye-opening and quenching experience; where the culture, people and nature have taught you about yourself… through their eyes. A small low-lit cafe in a city corner, a canoe ride through the thickest mangrove swamp, a surf spot that’s still a secret, a chance encounter in the lobby bar with whom today is one of your closest friends, a hike to an active volcano with the locals and the trip where you tried for the first time a strange fruit that your horse-back guide picked from its tree… all these experiences mold your ever-broadening lifestyle and fuel your desire to seek new ones… to learn by living. The world, indeed, can be your oyster.