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I Believe

  • that the ordinary can be quicksand if you don’t add an “extra” to it every now and then
  • in the beauty of diversity
  • that sometimes 24 hours are not enough
  • that the more I see of the world, the more I know about myself
  • in experiencing pleasure which many could enjoy, but few care to seek out
  • that true wealth comes from an accumulation of experiences, personal and shared
  • in comfort that replenishes me but doesn’t go to waste
  • in luxury that embraces and enhances the environment
  • that a warm smile is good etiquette
  • that genuine hospitality positively humbles
  • that true elegance doesn’t scream for my attention
  • that wisdom is found by admiring very different trees in very different places
  • that the next wave will be the best ever
  • that every new taxi ride is a potential good story
  • that enjoyment can be infinite
  • that life is meant to be lived many times during my lifetime